Using Office 365 with Samsung Email instead of Outlook on Android

by on May 18, 2017

I’ve been a user of Exchange for my personal email for about six years now. Originally I started with Sherweb (who I can’t recommend highly enough, their support were more than happy to deal with my inane questions and their pricing was quite reasonable), then a brief flirtation with Uberglobal (who I recommend you stay away from, they had regular and inexplicable downtime that they claimed was not occurring and their support was poor). I now use Office 365, and have been happy with the service so far.

I was also pretty fast getting on the Outlook for Android train, especially after the bizarre decision from Google to make Gmail The One And Only Email App In Android, and found it pretty easy to live with, its middling calendaring functionality and atrocious search aside.

However, since I enabled two factor authentication on my Office 365 account, along with every other online account I have where I could enable it, I’ve noticed that Outlook has been misbehaving, and in rather odd ways. For instance, it would notify me that I had new emails, and show them in the notification, but they wouldn’t be in my Inbox. Also, the Authenticator app would randomly pop up and disappear when using the app. Despite removing and re-adding my account and an uninstall and reinstall of the app, the behaviours persist. In the past week I’ve had to log into Outlook on the Web to read email on my phone, which is a surprisingly pleasant experience, so kudos to Microsoft for getting that right.

Oddly, my Galaxy Tab S2 does not exhibit any of these behaviours. Outlook on there works fine, and Outlook on the tablet is a great experience! (Apart from the still awful searching.)

So, now I’m going to try using the inbuilt Samsung Email and Calendar apps for a while. So far, everything appears to be working, but its early days yet! Who knows what weird and wonderful problems might crop up! ūüėú

Setup was easy, I plugged in my details and the app did an autoconfig, asked to become a device administrator for the purposes of remote wipe etc., and did an initial sync. Bam. Done.

By default only email for the past three days was being synced, I like to have a little more on my phone so I bumped this up to two weeks.

I will say right off the bat, I am impressed with the Samsung Calendar, if only for the fact it has a full Month view and a full Week view instead of the weird two week pulldown and a three day view that Outlook had on the phone.

I will try to keep you updated as to how this little experiment goes!

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